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         About Us
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      New Tech Electronic Co,. Ltd.  was established in 1993.It follows the principle of ‘The quality is the first ,Make people the center,Unity and innovation,Try for the best. ’and runs along the guidelines of ‘depending on quality to develop,’and ‘demanding benefit from management.’ Through many years of hard work our company has become one of the premier production bases of A.C. Motor capacitors in China.
      Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and employs over 300 people, of whom more than 80 are specialized technicians – indeed a rich base on which to design and develop. In order to better provides the globalization service, New Tech has passed UL, VDE , TUV, CQC, ISO9001, QC080000 and SGS Rohs certification.
      With its professional, automated and huge – capacity production lines, advanced production and testing equipment and an effective quality control system at NewTech Electronic Company , we ensure all of our customers are provided with superior products and a fast, reliable service.
      Our company manufactures the New  Tech CBB Series A.C. Motor Capacitors, Light Source Capacitors and Generator Capacitors, Which Possess excellent self-healing functions, high insulation resistance, and are compact, safe, reliable and efficient. Our products, which all comply with the requirements of both national and international environmental and safety standards, are used in electric fans, extractor fans induction cooker oil-smoke exhausts, air- conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water pumps, and in all types of light sources and electrical network terminals. They have won the approval of old and new customers both at home and abroad.
      New Tech has the good enterprise culture and social responsibility. Beautiful living environment, various activities, so that our staffs  could focus on their work, and enjoy their lives.
      New Tech Electronic Company is based on a modernizing management system with an excellent business structure and a significant place in the market. Our field of vision is always expanding, taking us out of the local market towards the whole world welcoming all new challenges.


      Priority : Quality       Focus : People

      Unity and innovation     Aim for better

      Provide green products for our customers

      Be in line with our laws


      Tel:TEL:0757-26671176 Fax:FAX:0757-26652531 EMAIL:chinanewtech_sale@163.com MSN:     
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